Utility account aggregator Joins the TruNarrative App Store

TruNarrative, the global RegTech company has announced a new partnership with Urjanet, to integrate utility and telecom account data into the TruNarrative platform

The TruNarrative platform delivers financial crime detection, customer onboarding and transaction monitoring to Financial services, e-commerce businesses and gambling operators.

Utility Data for Identity & Address Verification from Urjanet enables TruNarrative’s platform users to connect with consumer utility accounts based on consumer permissions and digitally retrieve bills to verify name and address information.

Urjanet data is collected from an expansive network of thousands of service providers across 33 countries and enables users to accurately verify the identities and addresses of a widespread consumer base while remaining compliant with KYB, KYC, and AML regulations. This information is especially important to help deliver services to the underbanked or hard to verify consumers.

The partnership gives TruNarrative customers permissioned access to the information they need to help verify identity and make onboarding decisions, in real time using utility bill information via the TruNarrative API.

Urjanet’s utility data will sit within TruNarrative’s AI driven platform providing firms with a more complete customer view facilitating both automated and manual decisions.

Using Urjanet’s Electric, natural gas, water, cable, and telecom data through TruNarrative will facilitate a low-friction journey for the customer, increasing visibility and reducing the volume of manual referrals for organisations.

“We’re excited to join forces with a company that’s transforming the fraud and identity solutions market,” said Sanjoy Malik, CEO of Urjanet. “Adding Urjanet’s consumer-permissioned, direct-from- source utility account connections to the App Store allows TruNarrative customers to create a seamless user experience with a fully digital verification workflow.”

“Urjanet is an important integration for our customers, we only provide world class data and API’s that can be consumed within the TruNarrative SaaS platform. They bring a wealth of data that our customers can integrate into their IDV journeys and onboarding strategies.” John Lord – CEO, TruNarrative

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