MoneeMint chooses TruNarrative platform for onboarding and transaction monitoring

Today, TruNarrative announced their latest partnership with the UK’s ethical digital banking platform, MoneeMint to provide their market leading customer onboarding and transaction monitoring solution.

MoneeMint is a London based FinTech with a focus on providing socially responsible finance to millennials in the UK and Europe.

Aiming to be Europe’s first ethical digital bank, MoneeMint will provide their customers with transparent, fair mobile banking, through a digital-first experience.

The TruNarrative platform will enable MoneeMint to deliver a smooth and compliant onboarding and transactional risk strategy.

Multiple challenger banks, FinTechs and payment services providers trust TruNarrative technology to quickly & compliantly bring their services to market, deliver customer onboarding and prevent financial crime.

With the goal of delivering a market leading digital experience for their customers, MoneeMint went to market for a solution that allowed them to seamlessly onboard, monitor and transact with their customers.

TruNarrative will deliver MoneeMint access to a full suite of customer onboarding and verification technology, including automated; identity verification, fraud prevention and ongoing risk monitoring.

Within the TruNarrative platform’s no-code interface, MoneeMint will be able to adapt its onboarding and transactional risk monitoring strategies to quickly react to market, regulatory & fraud trend changes, mitigating risk and streamlining its customer’s experience.

TruNarrative will also provide MoneeMint with customer behaviour and transactional monitoring, delivering visibility over every transaction & interaction; giving MoneeMint the ability to efficiently make customer acquisition and business risk decisions.

Through the TruNarrative platform, MoneeMint will gain access to a full case management system for manual review and referrals. Providing a single view of each customer whilst facilitating customer acquisition and relieving pressure on referral management teams.

“It is fantastic to work with another ethical finance provider. Our partnership with MoneeMint demonstrates TruNarratives commitment to helping organisations of all sizes protect their business and their customers from financial crime, whilst remaining compliant and delivering a world class customer experience.” John Lord, CEO of TruNarrative “We are looking forward to helping them continue to grow and become one of the UK’s most innovative banks.”

“I am delighted to be working with industry leaders TruNarrative to provide us with a comprehensive transaction monitoring and screening service to enable us to combat fraud and ensure that our customers money is kept safe.” Hassan Waqar, CEO of MoneeMint “We look forward working with TruNarrative as we launch and grow MoneeMint to be the world’s greatest bank.”