Swedish Banking Platform Juni chooses TruNarrative to provide onboarding and compliance technology

TruNarrative will deliver Juni the latest compliance and onboarding technology, providing the capability to successfully onboard and monitor their individual and business clients.

Juni, the Swedish start-up has built a new banking app and payments solution designed to act as a financial companion to entrepreneurs across e-commerce and digital marketing.

Juni offers its clients a Visa Platinum credit card with cashback on advertising spend, cash flow & liquidity management features, along with invoice and bank statement matching. The Juni interface provides a centralised overview of users’ bank accounts, external payment services, and advertising spend.

The TruNarrative platform will enable Juni to rapidly and compliantly bring their services to market. Their technology is trusted around the globe across a range of industries, including; banking, lending, eCommerce, and payment services for customer onboarding, robust compliance and financial crime prevention.

Juni went to market for a solution or solutions to facilitate low-friction multi-jurisdictional customer journeys whilst maintaining the highest levels of compliance and risk mitigation.

The Juni and TruNarrative partnership will deliver full access to the TruNarrative solution and its capabilities for; client onboarding, identity verification, Pep’s, sanctions, adverse media monitoring, and ongoing risk monitoring of individual and business customers.

TruNarrative will deliver checks and ongoing monitoring against corporate entities, their directors and associated third parties, giving Juni a single customer view when onboarding customers and making compliance decisions.

Within the TruNarrative interface, Juni will also have access to a full case management system for manual reviews and referrals, a natural language rule builder allowing for rapid strategy changes, and a comprehensive audit trail with instant recall of all data for regulatory purposes.

“It’s great to work with new and innovative businesses. We look forward to helping Juni bring their services to market and providing their customers with a smooth onboarding experience.” Edward Vaughan, Head of Banking at TruNarrative

“Smooth onboarding and KYC processes are key to the customer experience for any digital banking platform. We’re very proud of partnering with TruNarrative that enables us to onboard customers in a customer friendly way.” Samir El-Sabini, CEO & Co-Founder at Juni