Victorieum Offshore Bank announces fiat loans with crypto collaterals with interest as low as 14%!

In the ever expanding world of cryptocurrencies, the possibilities and opportunities are phenomenal. Ever since the advent of Bitcoin, the world has been an astonished witness to the astounding growth of the crypto industry. The blockchain technology with its magnitude of robust features such as transparency, security, reliability and fast transaction speeds to name a few have elevated the crypto trading to a whole new level.

However as every sunshine has a cloud cover so does the crypto trading industry with its fair share of pertinent issues that continue to haunt and recede the prospective growth. Some of the most pressing issues are:

  • Ecosystems that are complex deterring traders from diving into deep crypto based investments.
  • Lack of full banking services and products pertaining to crypto assets.
  • Poor transaction speeds.
  • Safety and security issues of existing ecosystems that are prone to hacking.
  • Severe regulations imposed by various nations owing to the ‘anonymity’ of crypto transactions.
  • Lack of variety in crypto assets.
  • Lack of a trade knowledge competent customer support.

The Solution

Victorieum is a blockchain based off-shore banking platform that offers all banking services and products erstwhile available in the traditional banking services. Victorieum aims to narrow the gap between the crypto economy with that of the mainstream by offering services that are not available anywhere else pertaining to crypto banking assets.

The platform offers the safety, security and speed of the blockchain technology. It offers mutual funds like products for crypto assets, various account types such as checking, savings, daily liquidity etc. International payments are now fast and easy using the SwiftMT103 transfers. The swift transfers also offer instant SWAP between cryptocurrencies and fiat. A trade knowledge competent 24 X 7 customer support is available in 12 different languages. Silver/Gold/Platinum bank cards are offered to users depending on the number of Victorieum tokens held.

Other interesting features:

  • Forex services
  • Investment consultant services
  • Insurance brokerage
  • Issuing of own deposit products
  • Victorieum Exchange
  • Passive Income Program

Crypto backed loans

One of the most interesting feature of the Victorieum platform is the crypto backed loans that it provides. Devoid of bureaucracy and with loan disbursal time of as less as 24 hours, this feature is indeed a revolution in the crypto banking environment. No other platform offers flat loans with crypto collaterals as does Victorieum. Yet another reason for the world to look with anticipated excitement for Victorieum.

Crypto backed loans can be availed for as low an interest rate as 14%. Without any bureaucratic hassles and red-tape, the loans can be availed against crypto collaterals using a simple form, followed by simple 4 steps and the loans would thereby be approved by the finance department. There couldn’t be a simpler loan availing process as this that too against crypto collaterals. Such is the amazing innovation of the Victorieum ecosystem.

Victorieum with its plethora of features is set to revolutionise the off-shore crypto banking system for ever. It’s an earnest attempt at amalgamating the crypto economy with that of the mainstream and perhaps the most genuine platform to integrate crypto transactions with that of fiat. Victorieum is set to be the next generation off-shore crypto banking system and is well on its way to be a leader at that!