The Ultimate Platform For New Business Funding

Uris is a decentralized ecosystem. It is a non-profit organization that has been founded by a blend of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and individual investors sharing the same belief that company ownership is the basis of development in emerging markets. It serves as one of the best platforms for projects and startups that are in requirement of no cost funds. Creators and entrepreneurs possessing excellent ideas and innovations in the present market trends can use the Uris platform for achieving their complete potential. Uris gives them the scope of sharing their innovation and technology with others.

Mission Statement

Uris is a Switzerland-based non-profit organization. The mission of Uris is giving young entrepreneurs and companies easy access to the tools, the guidance and the funds that they require for turning their business ventures into top quality enterprises. It also aims at promoting transparent and dynamic innovations for helping the emerging businessmen in raising capital for the expansion of their businesses at low costs. The company believes in the fact that efficient and transparent change can make way for a cooperative, open, prosperous and sustainable future for good quality startups in industries throughout the world.

The Uris Foundation has this added interest in assisting startups by giving them the power of catalysing economic development and offering practical solutions to problems. Whitepaper is an all-new platform developed by this non-profit agency. It makes it easier for startups to access funds. It even rewards new business organizations for implementing policies that tend to be fair to the public and useful to the investors.

Creating an utterly decentralised business ecosystem for driving economic development in the emerging markets is the mission statement of the company. The organization serves the objective of offering new businesses good and cheap scopes of funding while helping investors find new options for supporting their new ventures and earning profitable returns.

Core Vision

Unleashing the power of business ownership by offering new business owners with the guidance, tools and funds required for turning their organizations into leading companies is the core principle at Uris. Leading the way towards a new economy that makes way for a sustainable and a better future for the new business ventures is also one of the core principles at Uris. Uris aims at seeing the first exits of early stage investments in new businesses and at the same time it also serves to create a highly-demanded ecosystem and token where the token is in demand and varied use. Here, the plan is not getting wealthy with an ICO and making quick bucks but helping the token holders or buyers with their benefits and their interests.

The real vision at Uris is making its tokens in demand and useful so that the investors can make significant cash. The Uris freelance podium development is underway, but its crowdfunding prototype is available for the easy access of the users. The core principle at Uris also involves being entirely dedicated to improvising the status quo by coming up with a marketplace for the investors. Making use of the URI and Blockchain tokens can help the investors in removing friction; in increasing investment inflow towards new ventures and in making the entire ICO process more transparent and efficient.

Technical Summary

Right from its inception, the Uris platform or foundation has been developed keeping the experience of the users in mind. The foundation makes the best use of the latest and the most innovative technologies for offering top quality speed, security, user-interface and accessibility. The platform does not depend on outsourcing and white labels. Instead, everything on this podium is in-house and therefore it is always prepared to make the best projects happen. The Uris ecosystem works on different components and layers that together make up a fully integrated architecture for supporting the operation of the ecosystem. It is also worth noting that the Uris platform is directly connected to blockchain technology which offers a plethora of advantages to the new ventures and investors. These advantages include:

  • Complete elimination of bureaucratic obstacles. This gives users the scope of interacting with each other quickly and directly.
  • Personal information, contents and funds of the users remain confidential.

The Uris platform is the best platform as it is hacker-proof and fully transparent while helping users reduce costs to a considerable extent.