Meniga signs deal with IberCaja

Meniga, the global leader in digital banking solutions, has announced today that it has signed an agreement with the Spanish banking giant, IberCaja.

Meniga is the first personal finance software provider that IberCaja has partnered with as part of its digital transformation journey. The bank has successfully implemented and integrated the solution into their core systems, enabling real-time customer data processing and enrichment. This allows for improved accuracy of categorisation of transaction data, giving customers a clearer view of their financial spending history. By deploying the Meniga personal finance software, IberCaja will be able to offer improved personalisation of its digital banking solutions and better serve their customers’ individual lifestyles and needs with advanced financial services.

The new functionality offered by Meniga is being rolled out to IberCaja customers gradually across their digital channels, starting with their renewed mobile banking, for a more natural and easier adoption aligned with their needs after working closely with customers as part of their “customer first” strategy. Starting with the delivery of rich, personalised functionality and insights of customer finances accessible via a RESTful API´s. Gradually over time, the bank will offer more advanced personal finance features, including savings goals, advanced financial insights and “challenges” – recommended short-term, actionable targets for users that they can take part in individually or within a community – to help customers reach savings targets and improve their financial management.

Victor Iglesias CEO at IberCaja, said: “IberCaja is committed to improving how it communicates with our clients and focusing on their everyday needs. This agreement is an important milestone in our journey towards truly personalised digital banking, and the first step in a long-term strategic partnership with Meniga to help our customers become more financially fit”.

Leandro Hermida CIO at IberCaja, said: “Working with Meniga and our partners we have achieved a key milestone in our digital journey implementing an advanced digital solution, enhancing the value and capacity of our current legacy systems, to allow us creating additional value on our data to offer more advanced financial services and useful relations with our customers”.

Jakub Piotrowski, Head of Customer Engagement at Meniga, said: “Customer engagement increasingly relies on digital channels, opening up new opportunities for deep and exciting dialogue with the users. By deploying Meniga’s software, IberCaja is able to communicate with its customers in a more meaningful way and offer them a better view of their spending habits, encouraging them to take steps to ultimately improve their overall financial health”.

Inycom, innovation and technology company, supported Meniga in the rollout of its personal finance solution to IberCaja customers to ensure an efficient and seamless integration. Victor Vidal at Inycom, said: “Collaborating in the deployment and integration of Meniga personal finance software into the IberCaja technology platform has been a great challenge for Inycom, and it is an example of active collaboration in the digital transformation of a financial entity”.