BNP Paribas picks Fenergo for client lifecycle management

Fenergo, the industry standard for Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions for Corporate & Institutional, Business & Commercial, and Private Banks, has today announced a signed deal with BNP Paribas.

The bank is Fenergo’s sixth European client to be signed in the last six months.

Fenergo’s CLM solution will support BNP Paribas’ global transformation project, delivering a single client view across all jurisdictions and entities and enabling the bank to efficiently comply with all local and global regulatory rules and deliver an optimum customer experience.

“We chose Fenergo for both their deep, out-of-the-box CLM functionality and their v8 technology that is a good fit with our own modernized technology landscape. I look forward to working with the Fenergo team and their wider client community to input into the continually evolving product and regulatory roadmaps”, said Bernard Gavgani, Global Head of CIB IT and Operations within BNP Paribas.

Fenergo launched Fenergo v8 to its clients in June 2017 during its Global Client Council held in Ireland. An easy-to-use, intuitive and powerful platform, Fenergo v8 redefines Client Lifecycle Management as it is currently known. The solution is built upon React, the same technology that underpins such high-volume, high-profile firms such as Netflix, Facebook, Instagram and the New York Times e-platforms, where performance and ease-of-use are of the highest priorities. It offers a radically improved user experience with more efficient orchestration, enhanced navigation and greater visibility across client cases. Deploying advanced technology architecture, v8delivers faster page load times and responsive design, enabling cross-browser and multi-device support, improved search engine support, increased scalability and greater data integration capabilities. The solution also provides enhanced intelligent document management capabilities, including wiki-style and auto-generated documents.

Speaking on the announcement today, Fenergo’s CEO, Marc Murphy, said, “I am wholeheartedly delighted to announce the addition of BNP Paribas to our growing, global client base. There are two key drivers behind Fenergo’s success to date – digital transformation and heightened regulatory compliance and scrutiny. We are finding that banks which would have traditionally favoured in-house built solutions are now turning to Fenergo to help them realize their vision faster and more efficiently – to be able to comply with the full letter of regulatory rules, whilst delivering a better client experience. I look forward to working very closely with BNP Paribas to make this vision a reality very soon”.

Greg Casey, Fenergo’s VP Sales for Europe, said, “I am very proud to welcome BNP Paribas as a client. Fenergo offers a community approach to building Client Lifecycle Management solutions that tap into a global community of professionals within our client organizations to develop a robust regulatory roadmap that future-proofs our clients’ businesses. This leaves our clients, like BNP Paribas, to focus on delivering a better client experience that improves market share and customer mindshare”.