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Fintech Ranking is the first specialized blog about FinTech

We believe that fintech has become such a serious industry that it needs its own media. As a VC firm focused exclusively on fintech, we carefully scrutinize the industry and regularly publish our analytical research “Money of the Future”, which allows you to monitor the industry development. And we’ve always wanted to launch a public platform, which will become the main source of information for anyone interested in fintech.


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About Life.SREDA VC

–          The firm was established little more than 2 years ago. We focus only on fintech. We were based in Moscow, but in April we are going to relocate in Singapore.

–          Life.SREDA I has invested $40M in 11 startups. Some of them are foreign: mobile bank Simple (US; we participated in its round eighteen months ago and our exit was six months ago; was acquired by the Spanish banking group BBVA for $117M, our revenue amounted to 180% p.a.), its direct competitor mobile bank Moven (US), our joint venture in Austria with Fidor bank,  fintech-fund Anthemis Group (UK), payment service for restaurants «OpenTable+PayPal» Settle (UKR; operates in 3 countries and is actively expanding to Europe; TechCrunch and many other leading tech-media have recently wrote about the service; they moved to San Francisco one week ago). Some of them are Russian: «Russian Square» LifePay Russia (leader of the Russian mPOS-acquiring market; Finovate Alumni), mobile app builder My-Apps, a gamified service helping to set short-term goals and make savings for their purchase MyWishBoard.com, «financial Kindle» LifePAD (Finovate Alumni), mobile bank Instabank (Finovate Alumni; ranked second among the best Russian startup teams, according to Pruffi and Slon.ru; award winners at Silicon Valley Meets Russia 2014 and European MasterCard contest for fintech services), online scoring platform for MFIs Scorista.

–          Life.SREDA II was announced a few months ago. Life.SREDA II has only invested so far in «European Square» SumUp (GER, operates in 14 countries) and «Russian Simple», mobile bank Rocketbank. Asian mPOS service iboxPro.

–          Life.SREDA sponsors the leading global fintech events – Finovate (San Jose, New York, London) and Money2020 (Las Vegas).

–          We publish our annual fintech-research Money of the Future, which is well-known in USA and Europe.

–          We also hold the annual biggest fintech conference in Eastern Europe, called as well Money of the Future – and invite the speakers like Richard Branson (Virgin), Alexa Von Tobel (Learnvest) and over 30 companies awarded “best of Finovate” in different years. The conference took place 3 times so far.

–          Life.SREDA VC has a unique corporate culture. Together we have visited Tony Hseih (Zappos.com) to exchange the experience with his employees.