Facebook Launches ‘Blueprint’ Training And Certification Program For Brands And Marketers

THE NEXT WEB: Facebook does well when its advertisers do well, so it is today launching new free educational resources for marketers on its platform, both big and small. First up, ‘Blueprint‘ is a new program for training brands on the best practices for advertising and marketing campaigns.

It’s not just an information hub on the Web either; it combines online courses with in-person training and provides certifications for brands that “master” Facebook marketing.

The courses are organized by category or otherwise cater to specific roles. You can also choose from full-on “tracks” you’d like to follow if you’re looking to learn a specific collection of skills.

There are currently over 35 courses; some examples include Facebook Terminology, Direct Response Marketing and A/B Testing. The program will keep track of your progress and results.

Blueprint is available in English on the desktop and mobile so long as you have a Facebook account.

For newcomer businesses on Facebook, the company has launched ‘Learn How,‘ an online learning center offering simplified guides to frequently asked questions.

It includes videos, photos and step-by-step instructional guides to show businesses things like how to create a Page or Custom Audience. Learn How is available in 14 languages on a newly redesigned Facebook for Business website.