Polygon Labs Strengthens Zero-Knowledge Capabilities with Toposware Acquisition

Polygon Labs, a leading blockchain development firm, has announced the acquisition of Toposware, a blockchain research and engineering company specializing in zero-knowledge (ZK) technology. This strategic move is poised to significantly advance Polygon’s capabilities in the ZK space and reinforce its position as a pioneer in Ethereum scalability solutions.

Toposware, renowned for its contributions to Polygon’s Type 1 ZKEVM prover, will integrate its team of engineers with Polygon’s existing ZK development teams. This integration aims to drive innovation across multiple technological fronts, including AggLayer, Polygon CDK, and Polygon zkEVM, with future plans to upgrade Polygon PoS to a ZK-secured chain.

The Type 1 ZKEVM prover, developed in collaboration with Toposware, represents a significant leap in ZK technology. This prover allows Ethereum-compatible blockchains to adopt zero-knowledge proofs without requiring substantial modifications, thereby enhancing security and interoperability. The Type 1 prover has also demonstrated cost efficiency, with transaction costs averaging $0.0029 and total costs of $0.534 to prove an Ethereum block.

Toposware’s expertise in ZK research has been instrumental in these developments, contributing to the broader Ethereum ecosystem by enabling any EVM chain to become a ZK proof-based chain. This technology supports better security guarantees and facilitates connections to AggLayer, a service that promotes a neutral and interoperable network of sovereign blockchains.

The acquisition of Toposware marks Polygon’s third major investment in ZK technology in less than three years. Previously, Polygon acquired Hermez Network and Mir Protocol for a combined total of $650 million. These acquisitions, along with the recent Toposware deal valued between $30 million and $50 million, bring Polygon’s total investment in ZK technology to over $1 billion.

Polygon Labs has consistently pursued acquisitions to bolster its ZK research and development efforts. The integration of Toposware’s team is expected to enhance Polygon’s ongoing projects, particularly in developing the AggLayer and improving the scalability and security of Ethereum Layer 2 solutions.

With the acquisition, Polygon aims to enhance interoperability across ZK-powered Ethereum Layer 2s. The ongoing research includes connecting the Polygon PoS network to the AggLayer, which will eventually be upgraded to a ZK-secured chain. This integration is set to have significant downstream effects across all Polygon protocols, further solidifying its leadership in ZK technology.

Toposware’s contributions to the ZK space have already demonstrated substantial cost benefits, reducing transactional costs for proving blocks on Ethereum. The collaboration anticipates future upgrades to the Polygon PoS network, positioning Polygon at the forefront of blockchain technology innovation.