OKX Launches Crypto Exchange and Web3 Wallet in the Netherlands

OKX, a major global cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 technology company, has officially launched its centralized crypto exchange (CEX) and Web3 wallet in the Netherlands. This expansion marks a significant milestone for the company as it aims to cater to the vibrant and tech-savvy Dutch crypto community.

Dutch customers can now access a comprehensive suite of crypto trading services through the OKX platform. The CEX offers spot trading for over 150 cryptocurrencies, including more than 60 crypto-Euro pairs. This variety allows users to engage in diverse trading activities, including buying, selling, and converting digital assets. The platform also supports Euro deposits and withdrawals, facilitated through integration with iDEAL, the most popular online payment system in the Netherlands, and the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

In addition to its CEX, OKX has introduced its Web3 wallet, providing Dutch users with full custody of their crypto assets. The wallet serves as a gateway to the decentralized Web3 ecosystem, enabling users to manage their digital assets securely and autonomously. This feature underscores OKX’s commitment to empowering users with advanced yet user-friendly crypto solutions.

OKX has strategically integrated its platform with local payment systems to enhance user convenience. The partnership with iDEAL allows for instant and free Euro deposits and withdrawals, a significant advantage for Dutch users. This seamless integration ensures that transactions are swift and cost-effective, aligning with the needs of a rapidly growing crypto market in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is renowned for its early adoption of technology, and the Dutch crypto community is no exception. OKX recognizes this and has invested in building a dedicated local team to support its operations. Led by Benelux Regional Manager Roy van Krimpen, the team focuses on understanding and catering to the specific needs of Dutch users.

OKX Europe General Manager Erald Ghoos emphasized the importance of local feedback in designing their product offerings. “The launch of our centralized exchange and OKX Wallet in the Netherlands is a significant milestone in our long-term commitment to the country. We’ve hired an expert local team and taken the local feedback very seriously as we’ve designed our product here,” Ghoos stated.

OKX operates under stringent regulatory frameworks to ensure compliance and security. The company holds a crypto service provider registration with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and a virtual financial asset service provider license in Malta. This regulatory adherence highlights OKX’s dedication to maintaining high standards of operation and fostering trust within the crypto community.

In a move towards greater transparency, OKX was one of the first in the crypto industry to publish monthly Proof of Reserves in late 2022. These reports validate the full backing of customer funds held on the platform, with OKX continuing to drive the industry’s adoption of improved reporting standards.