Jack Dorsey Backed OCEAN Establishes Bitcoin Mining Hub in El Salvador

OCEAN, a Bitcoin mining pool backed by Jack Dorsey and led by Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dashjr, has strategically established an international hub in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. This move positions OCEAN at the forefront of the global Bitcoin mining industry, leveraging El Salvador’s favorable regulatory environment and its pioneering status in Bitcoin adoption.

El Salvador, the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021, has emerged as a beacon for cryptocurrency innovation. OCEAN’s President, Mark Artymko, highlighted that the country’s pro-Bitcoin stance contrasts sharply with regions like Venezuela and the EU, which have imposed restrictions on Bitcoin mining. El Salvador’s supportive legislative framework thus made it an obvious choice for OCEAN to expand its operations and further its mission of decentralizing Bitcoin mining.

Luke Dashjr, OCEAN’s co-founder and CTO, emphasized that the new hub in El Salvador will advance the country’s efforts in Bitcoin adoption and create new opportunities both locally and globally. The company’s presence is expected to foster the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem in El Salvador, contributing to education and community development in regions like El Zonte, known as “Bitcoin Beach.”

OCEAN’s establishment in El Salvador aligns with its core mission to decentralize Bitcoin mining. The company aims to shift the balance of power away from a few large mining pools to a broader base of miners. This is facilitated through technologies like Stratum V2, which enhances the security and efficiency of mining operations.

OCEAN operates as a non-custodial, transparent Bitcoin mining pool, allowing miners to join forces to increase their chances of winning block rewards. The pool’s unique feature of allowing miners to choose the type of blocks they work with adds flexibility and potential for higher rewards. Additionally, OCEAN’s practice of mining blocks without inscriptions helps reduce transaction costs and prevents the accumulation of unnecessary data.

Beyond mining, OCEAN is committed to supporting the Bitcoin community in El Salvador through educational initiatives. The company plans to provide resources and training to nurture local talent and enhance the technical knowledge of Bitcoin enthusiasts and professionals. This educational push aims to empower individuals and foster a robust, self-sustaining Bitcoin economy.

Stacy Herbert, head of El Salvador’s Bitcoin Office, welcomed OCEAN’s initiative, noting that it reinforces the Bitcoin-first culture the country is building. The presence of OCEAN and similar companies is seen as crucial in advancing Bitcoin adoption and providing entrepreneurs with the tools needed to thrive in a Bitcoin-centric economy.

OCEAN’s focus on decentralization, transparency, and community education aligns with broader trends in the cryptocurrency industry towards more inclusive and distributed networks. As OCEAN continues to develop its operations in El Salvador, it is likely to set a precedent for other companies in the sector, highlighting the importance of favorable regulatory environments and community engagement in driving innovation and growth.