Transak and Visa Direct Revolutionize Crypto-to-Fiat Conversions Globally

Transak, a Web3 onboarding infrastructure provider, has entered into a strategic partnership with Visa, the global digital payments leader. This collaboration, announced on January 30th, signifies a major leap in facilitating seamless crypto-to-fiat conversions, addressing a long-standing gap in the market.

Transak’s collaboration with Visa aims to leverage Visa Direct capabilities, enabling users in over 145 countries to effortlessly convert their cryptocurrency holdings into local fiat currencies. While the crypto industry has seen remarkable progress in fiat-to-crypto conversions, the reverse process has often been cumbersome for users. This collaboration bridges that gap, providing a crucial off-ramp for crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

A standout feature of Visa Direct is its ability to process transactions in real-time, a stark contrast to traditional banking methods that can take days. With Transak’s robust infrastructure supporting over 40 cryptocurrencies, this collaboration promises a swift and secure exit for those looking to convert their crypto assets. The integration also extends to more than 350 leading Web3 wallets and games, ensuring widespread accessibility for users of platforms like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Ledger, Splinterlands, and Decentraland.

The partnership between Transak and Visa Direct is a significant step towards mainstream acceptance of digital currencies. By allowing users to convert at least 40 cryptocurrencies to fiat directly to their Visa debit cards, the collaboration eliminates the need for centralized exchanges. This move is particularly impactful for users in countries such as Cyprus, Malta, Singapore, Turkey, Portugal, and the United Arab Emirates, among others, as it provides a reliable and compliant method of converting crypto to fiat.

Transak’s presence on various Web3 wallets and games underscores the forward-looking nature of this collaboration. The integration with platforms like MetaMask opens new horizons for users, offering flexibility and convenience in converting digital assets. The partnership also reflects the commitment of both Transak and Visa to explore and enhance the intersection of crypto and traditional finance.

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