Standard Chartered’s SC Ventures Pioneers Tokenized Singapore Dollar Government Bond Fund with Libeara

Standard Chartered’s SC Ventures, known for driving innovation in fintech, has unveiled its latest venture, Libeara, a groundbreaking tokenization platform. In collaboration with FundBridge Capital, a licensed fund manager regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Libeara aims to democratize investment by launching the world’s first tokenized Singapore Dollar Government Bond Fund for accredited investors.

Libeara, incubated by SC Ventures, distinguishes itself by providing an institutional-grade platform, combining deep knowledge of tokenization technology with a team experienced in financial regulations and structures. The platform seeks to offer a seamless experience for FundBridge’s accredited investors, enabling them to effortlessly onboard, subscribe, and redeem units in the tokenized Singapore Dollar Government Bond Fund.

The venture marks a historic moment as it introduces the first-ever tokenized Singapore Dollar Government Bond Fund, a testament to Libeara’s commitment to ensuring the closest proximity between the token and the actual asset. To enhance credibility, the Fund will collaborate with an international credit rating agency for a comprehensive review of the underlying asset quality and the token structure.

Libeara’s platform opens avenues for three key business use cases. Firstly, it supports regulated fund managers in issuing tokenized fund units directly to investors, offering access to tokenized funds across diverse assets and jurisdictions. Secondly, it facilitates central banks and government treasuries in issuing tokenized bonds, allowing investors to subscribe, redeem, and manage tokens securely. Lastly, Libeara serves as a general-purpose security token platform, enabling issuers to tokenize various real-world assets, securities, commodities, media, and rights.

The platform leverages partners like Fireblocks, Fazz via StraitsX, Chainalysis, Chekk, and Letsbloom to ensure top-notch functionalities. Libeara, using decentralized ledger technology, provides customers with immutable and verifiable claims over their investment assets, enhancing transparency and security.

With institutional-grade custody and exchange of digital assets through Zodia Custody and Zodia Markets, Libeara represents the logical progression in SC Ventures’ mission to serve customers in the digital assets space. The platform’s focus on lower operating costs, higher transparency, and increased operational efficiency aligns with the evolving landscape of investment markets, breaking away from traditional reliance on intermediaries and inefficient processes.

As SC Ventures continues to build its ecosystem in the digital assets realm, Libeara emerges as an exciting venture, showcasing the potential of tokenization to make a variety of asset classes more widely accessible.