Nexo Revolutionizes Crypto Spending with Dual Mode Card

Nexo, a pioneer in the digital asset space, is set to redefine the way crypto holders transact daily. The company has introduced the world’s first Dual Mode capability for its Nexo Card, combining both debit and credit functionality into one powerful financial tool.

This innovative feature, integrated with the Nexo app, enables users to seamlessly switch between debit and credit modes, allowing them to tailor their spending based on their budget and preferences. Whether it’s everyday expenses or significant purchases, the Nexo Card has you covered.

One of the standout features of the Nexo Card is the ability to earn up to 9% interest on your crypto holdings. This industry-leading interest rate ensures that your assets continue to grow, even when you’re not actively using them for transactions.

The Dual Mode card provides a hassle-free spending experience. Users can utilize their available EUR, USD, and GBP balances or withdraw up to €10,000 in cash each month. The card is accepted at over 100 million merchants worldwide, making it a convenient option for international travelers, and it helps users save on foreign transaction fees.

Security is a top priority for Nexo. The card comes with robust fraud detection systems and 24/7 customer support to ensure peace of mind while using it.

This groundbreaking offering from Nexo addresses several challenges faced by crypto holders, such as the need to convert digital assets to fiat before spending, limited crypto acceptance at merchants, and the complexity of navigating multiple platforms. With the Nexo Card’s Dual Mode, these challenges are met with a visionary solution that simplifies crypto transactions and expands their utility.

Nexo’s Co-founder and Managing Partner, Antoni Trenchev, believes that this card represents a significant leap in customer-centric innovation. It demonstrates Nexo’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its global customer base and setting new standards for financial service providers.

The Dual Mode capability is built upon the advanced infrastructure provided by Mastercard and DiPocket, and it offers additional features such as up to 2% crypto rewards on every credit mode purchase and zero fees. Users can also seamlessly access their Nexo Card with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Nexo’s Dual Mode card marks a significant milestone in the world of crypto finance, bridging the gap between traditional and digital assets and offering users greater flexibility and control over their finances.