Marqeta Launches Generative AI Tools for Enhanced Customer Experience and Efficiency

Marqeta, the global modern card issuing platform, is leading the way in harnessing the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI) with the introduction of innovative tools aimed at transforming the way customers interact with its platform. The unveiling of Marqeta Docs AI, an AI-powered question and answer tool, and an internal code generation tool, marks a significant step towards reducing time to value (TTV) for Marqeta’s clients.

Marqeta Docs AI, driven by OpenAI’s Large Language Models, empowers customers to efficiently navigate Marqeta’s Docs site. With this tool, customers can seek answers to their individual use cases, accelerating their understanding of Marqeta’s offerings and the complexities of embedding payment solutions. Currently in beta, Marqeta Docs AI is set to be generally available later this quarter.

The release of these generative AI-powered tools aligns with Marqeta’s commitment to innovation and improving developer-customer interactions. The code generation tool, tested internally, demonstrated remarkable results by reducing coding and testing tasks’ time by up to 75%. This internal solution sets the stage for Marqeta’s wider utilization of generative AI capabilities.

Wendy Li, Senior Vice President of Emerging Technologies at Marqeta, emphasizes that generative AI is gaining momentum globally and the majority of companies are exploring its potential to increase productivity and output. The launch of Marqeta Docs AI paves the way for further tools that expedite customer benefits and enhance the speed of results from Marqeta-powered programs.

While Marqeta is eager to leverage generative AI, it remains mindful of security and data privacy. Marqeta’s focus on creating a trustworthy and secure experience underscores its dedication to safeguarding its customers and their data.

As industries increasingly adopt generative AI for improved workflows, Marqeta’s strategic move positions it as a pioneer in enhancing customer experiences and driving efficiency. The launch of these innovative tools signals the beginning of a transformational journey to redefine the fintech landscape and introduce a new era of embedded finance solutions.