Kenya Suspends Worldcoin Project Over Iris Data Collection Concerns

Kenya has suspended the operations of the identity-focused crypto project, Worldcoin, which was co-founded by Sam Altman. Despite already attracting hundreds of thousands of customers in the Kenyan market, the project has faced regulatory action due to concerns regarding the collection of eyeball/iris data.

In an official statement shared on Facebook and signed by Minister Kithure Kindiki, Kenya’s Ministry of the Interior expressed apprehension about the activities of ‘WORLD COIN’. The government highlighted the issue of citizens’ registration through the collection of sensitive biometric data, specifically eyeball/iris data.

Consequently, the government has taken swift action, ordering the immediate suspension of all activities related to ‘WORLD COIN’, as well as any other entity engaging Kenyan citizens in a similar manner. This suspension will remain in effect until relevant public agencies can certify that there are no risks posed to the general public in any form.

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