China Implements New Regulations for Generative AI Services

Chinese regulators have finalized groundbreaking rules concerning generative artificial intelligence (AI) as part of efforts to enhance supervision over this rapidly expanding technology.

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), known for its significant authority, collaborated with several other regulatory bodies to develop these new regulations, scheduled to be implemented on August 15.

The rules will exclusively apply to generative AI services accessible to the general public and not those under development in research institutions.

Providers of generative AI services must obtain a license to operate, according to the CAC’s directive.

In cases where “illegal” content is detected, generative AI service providers are required to take appropriate measures to cease generating such content, enhance the algorithm, and report the findings to the relevant authority.

Security assessments for their products and the safeguarding of user information are mandatory obligations for service providers offering generative AI services in China.

Moreover, adherence to the “core values of socialism” is stipulated by the CAC, further emphasizing the importance of aligning AI technology with the country’s societal principles.

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