European Commission Announces New Data Transfer Pact with the United States

The European Commission has revealed a new data transfer agreement with the United States on Monday, aiming to resolve the legal uncertainties faced by numerous companies involved in the transfer of personal data across the Atlantic.

However, the agreement has already faced criticism from the non-profit organization noyb, led by privacy activist Max Schrems, who stated their intention to challenge the accord.

The commission and the United States had encountered difficulties in reaching a new agreement following the annulment of two previous pacts by Europe’s highest court. These agreements formed the foundation for the transfer of personal data between the two regions, encompassing services such as cloud infrastructure, payroll, and banking.

The commission, as the executive branch of the European Union (EU), asserted that the measures implemented by the United States offer an adequate level of protection for the personal data of Europeans transferred across the Atlantic for commercial purposes.

It stated that the new binding safeguards, including limitations on access by U.S. intelligence services to EU data, restricted to what is deemed “necessary and proportionate,” as well as the establishment of a Data Protection Review Court for European individuals, address the concerns raised by Europe’s highest court.

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