OpenAI Enables Web Browsing via Bing for ChatGPT on Mobile

OpenAI has introduced an exciting new feature for subscribers of ChatGPT Plus, the premium version of their AI-powered chatbot. Users can now access the Browsing feature on the ChatGPT app, allowing them to perform web searches using Bing to find answers to their queries.

Enabling Browsing is a straightforward process. Users can navigate to the New Features section in the app settings, choose “GPT-4” in the model switcher, and select “Browse with Bing” from the drop-down menu. This feature is available on both the iOS and Android versions of the ChatGPT app.

OpenAI highlights that Browsing is particularly beneficial for obtaining information about current events and topics that extend beyond the original training data of ChatGPT. When Browsing is disabled, the knowledge of ChatGPT is limited to information available up until 2021.

This new capability expands the utility of ChatGPT, enabling users to access real-time information and enhance their interactions with the AI chatbot. By incorporating web browsing through Bing, ChatGPT Plus subscribers can now explore a wider range of topics and receive more up-to-date responses.

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