Cryptocurrency operations worldwide. DeFiway value and technological basis

Recently, the interest of society in anonymous financial transactions has increased significantly. Due to the increased role of blockchain in the technological chain of providing confidential money transfers, the role of cryptocurrencies has increased accordingly. The level of protection of cryptocurrency transactions is indeed extremely high – hacking transactions in a practical sense is impossible. Yes, there are massive hacker attacks on data centers and cryptocurrency exchanges, in addition, you can fall for a phishing attack, but in general, cryptocurrency transfers prove to be the most secure way to conduct international financial transactions.

Protected by a specialized user data confidentiality protocol, the details of the transaction participants cannot be found out. To complete a transaction, you only need to know the recipient’s wallet number. The popular online resource DeFiway provides a sample of information regarding the progress of cryptocurrencies in the world of international finance. In addition, on the site you can find a wide list of services related to the world of cryptocurrencies. It is recommended for beginners to visit, as the specified data is extremely useful for the subsequent use of virtual wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges.

What is DeFiway?

DeFi is decentralized finance. Everything that currently concerns the trading of non-physical assets in anonymous networks of cryptocurrency platforms can be attributed to DeFi. Given the growing role of decentralized finance in international trade, virtual assets today are many tokens that can represent physical assets – for example, gold or even oil. is a young but ambitious company providing a wide range of services in the world of cryptocurrencies. The virtual platform carries an arsenal for conducting various transactions, and a tool for the service sector of the cryptocurrency sector.

  • The client himself can choose the cryptocurrency for transfer;
  • Zero commission for all transactions;
  • Transactions are almost instant. Funds are credited to the buyer’s account almost instantly.

A long list of well-known gaming companies use the DeFiway service to process payments. In addition, the list of regular customers of the portal includes companies in the field of e-commerce – among the users of the services of the company Shopify, Adobe Commerce, websites created on the WordPress platform. Streamers, bloggers, network brokers and gambling websites similar to เล่น บาคาร่า กับเว็บไซต์ที่ดีที่สุด use the company’s digital tools to process confidential intra-platform payments.

Cryptocurrency Bridge

Most blockchains are incompatible with each other, as they have different protocols for verifying and staking financial transactions. The Defiway Bridge virtual platform implements the ability to quickly convert cryptocurrencies, ensuring efficient interaction between the nodes of different cryptocurrency systems.

Through the action of the option, users can take it within a few minutes, transferring transaction data from different frameworks can be very useful when making digital payments. DeFiway Bridge provides a fast connection, the fastest possible conversion and establishes effective “bridges” between different digital platforms.advantage of diverse cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency wallet provides the user with the opportunity to store savings in intra-platform tokens. In addition, tokens can be traded on the exchange and exchanged for regular money. Wallets are created on special web resources or on digital exchanges. Wallet activation is fast and takes just a few minutes. When choosing an online wallet, be sure to consider the reputation and reliability of the resource. A high-quality digital wallet provides access to several cryptocurrency tokens, in addition to having the functions of converting cryptocurrencies.

  • The Defiway cross-platform bridge guarantees fast conversion of cryptocurrency tokens and transfer from one platform to another within a few minutes;
  • The built-in exchange of cryptocurrency tokens allows you to quickly transform your cryptocurrency portfolio;
  • Zero-fee transactions are completed in just a few seconds;
  • Users can use the QR code to pay. The virtual platform accepts payments using most known payment methods, including bank cards and e-commerce services;
  • Confidential transactions guarantee the safety of the data of the account owner on the website.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Cryptocurrency payments using the Defiway platform guarantee instant crediting of funds to the user’s account. The commission is zero. The service is available on smartphones. Also, DeFiway Payment can be used with various CMS – you can easily integrate the digital service into your website, providing access to quick payments for service users.

Benefits of mobile cryptocurrency payments:

  • Almost zero commission;
  • Availability of customizable plugins for most popular CMS;
  • Defivey mobile payments are available for smartphones based on Android and iOs;
  • Payments are absolutely confidential.

How to get started with DeFiway

Creating your own fund in the Defivey system will not take the user more than 5 minutes. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Enter your first name, last name and contact details. You will receive confirmation of registration by e-mail;
  • Use your email address to login to your account on the site;
  • Create or link a cryptocurrency wallet to an account on the DeFiway website;
  • Replenish your electronic wallet with cryptocurrency tokens from the list.

Thanks to DeFiway Bridge technology, users can freely convert cryptocurrency tokens. For example, you can use a cryptocurrency wallet for active trading on the stock exchange, or withdraw funds at a convenient time – the DeFiway virtual platform allows you to carry out a wide range of cryptocurrency conversion operations. The process is instant.


Decentralized finance has been getting more and more attention lately. The physical asset market is prohibitively old, and a lot of investors, mostly young ones, are looking for new ways to raise their own capital. Investments in gold or rare earth resources can bring profit in the long run, while the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, and the list of virtual tokens is sufficient for active daily trading. The profit is also very significant – experienced traders can earn hundreds of dollars daily by actively working with cryptocurrency exchanges.

The world of decentralized finance is extremely interesting recently. Many new startups are using the model of quickly finding investors by creating cryptocurrency platforms and issuing their own tokens. The cryptocurrency market demonstrates stable growth rates and the influx of new, extremely interesting cryptocurrency projects.

 The DeFiway platform allows you to create a cryptocurrency wallet for almost any cryptocurrency in the world. In addition, the built-in Defiway Bridge function guarantees the ability to quickly exchange cryptocurrency tokens. The withdrawal process is also extremely fast – according to the reviews of the platform’s clients, financial transactions proceed without delay. Expanded opportunities for long-term investment provide a qualitative basis for creating and subsequently expanding a cryptocurrency portfolio with the active use of the current arsenal of DeFi funds.