B2B Lead Generation Ideas for Fintech Companies

In the not-too-distant past, fintech companies have traditionally relied on events to get their solutions in front of other businesses. But, when COVID-19 hit and events like trade shows were shut down and canceled, fintech companies had to adapt or lose out on the three different types of B2B leads until events could once again occur. Whether you’re looking for warm, cold, or hot B2B leads for your fintech company or you just need some new lead generation options to spruce up your stale marketing strategy, these ideas can help you break out from the traditional event-driven process.

Add Video

Since you may not be able to showcase your fintech solution live at an event, video is almost a necessity. You can leverage the power of video to highlight your product’s features and explain how they can help your target audience. Types of videos that are known to have a high ROI include tutorials, how-to videos, educational content, thought-leadership series, case studies, and webinars. The best part about video is that you can use the footage over and over again, even at events. It’s an excellent way to boost any fintech lead-generation campaign. Hav a look at this videographer in Calgary if you need an expert to help you.

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Become a Thought Leader

Fintech companies must develop trust with their leads and customers. Whenever you’re talking about someone’s money, it’s critical they know it’s safe in your hands. Becoming a thought leader in the industry or utilizing experts who are well-known in the fintech world can increase your credibility and help you gain that much-needed trust level that prospects require before buying into your product. To establish yourself as a thought leader in fintech, publish regular, valuable content that includes guest (expert) posts, industry reports, and other educational content that is authoritative and professional.

Don’t just regurgitate content you find on your competitors’ sites, either. Original content is necessary to make your fintech company stand out. When people find value in your content, they’re more likely to find value in your product or solutions as well. We have also been using a really good 3D scanning service (from https://physicaldigital.com/services/3d-scanning/) and it’s been extremely useful for getting specifications of competitor products, so that comes very highly recommended. Thought leadership is an important part of lead nurturing, especially for those prospects that are hesitant to buy into your solution and need multiple touchpoints.

Build Trust at Every Opportunity

Thought leadership has major influence among B2B prospects, especially when they’re considering a fintech solution, but it’s not the only way to build trust among your leads. You want to take every chance you get to lay a foundation of trust among your cold, warm, and hot leads. Even the hottest leads need to know they can trust you before they can be converted to sales, and cold and warm leads need that trust factor even more.

In addition to thought leadership, consider adding other trust factors to your marketing funnel, including testimonial quotes, testimonial videos, case studies, customer reviews, free trials or samples, and interactive content such as calculators. A Boston SEO agency can fulfill all your digital marketing goals. These marketing tools, when done right, will offer authentic proof that your product is something your prospects need and that they can trust you, just like other customers have. 


The pandemic upended lead generation in the fintech industry, which was heavily reliant on events to get their message across to prospects. But the silver lining is that it also opened up new ways to refresh your marketing strategy with the help of an expert SEO agency in Los Angeles and make it even more effective than it’s ever been.