What Are the Risks of Having a Fake Pay Stub?

Pay stubs are a valuable source of information given to employees. They provide information about an employee’s earnings and deductions. Pay stubs also serve many other purposes other than pay information. For example, they provide proof of income to get a bank loan, or for a rental application when renting an apartment, vehicle, or a new home.

Employers must provide their workers with a record of their earnings. Companies provide pay stubs to the employee before they receive their paychecks. Some businesses may provide weekly pay stubs, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the company’s payment terms.

This can be a time-consuming task for the payroll department. For this reason, many companies are turning to online pay stub generators to make life a little less stressful. 

What Is a Pay Stub Generator?

A pay stub generator is an easy-to-use online program that saves the company time and money otherwise spent on payroll calculations. It quickly allows you to enter the date, employer information, and salary, and the pay stub generator program does the rest of the work for you. 

Calculations are ready to print within minutes after download. It is the perfect solution for businesses to keep track of employee pay stubs online. Paystub generators also keep accurate records of employee information in one convenient location and have made payroll calculations so much easier for businesses than ever before.

Using a pay stub generator is an affordable solution for your business to keep track of employee salaries and payroll information online in one hassle-free, convenient location.

Benefits of Using a Pay Stub Generator

Besides the fact that pay stub generators are quick and easy to use, they also offer several other benefits to your business, including:

  • Conveniently store information in one place for easy access
  • Calculations made by software reduce errors in employee paychecks
  • Time and money are saved
  • They provide easy access for employees to see their earnings
  • They offer paperless solutions which benefit the environment
  • They provide greater accuracy than manually calculated pay stubs

What Are Fake Pay Stubs?

With pay stub generators recently becoming a popular choice of payroll departments, there are many varieties available for employers to choose from. When deciding on the right product for your business, look for a trusted brand such as paystub maker, for all your pay stub needs.

Going with a trusted company will help reduce the risk of fake pay stub generators. A company that makes fake pay stubs causes more headaches than they are worth and can also land your business in serious legal trouble.

A fake pay stub generator might seem like an excellent addition to your company. However, even though it might be a little less expensive, it also comes with quite a few downfalls, including:

  • It may contain improper information
  • May provide spelling errors
  • May provide errors in calculations
  • May cause unwanted legal fees

How Can You Tell If a Pay Stub Generator Is Fake?

With so many choices of software out there, how can you be sure that you have chosen the right pay stub creator? When in doubt whether you have chosen a reputable pay stub generator or not, there are several ways to spot fake check stubs, including:

Fake Pay Stub Makers Make Errors in Math

Many fake pay stub generators make errors in basic math calculations. When you initially begin using a pay stub generator, double check your calculations manually with a calculator to make sure they are accurate. If the calculations do not add up, then you know you are using a fake pay stub generator. This will reduce extra work in the long run. 

There’s nothing worse than submitting all of your employee payrolls, only to receive phone calls stating several employees have found errors in their payroll. 

Fake Pay Stubs Often Have Defects

Finding a reputable pay stub generator can sometimes be a difficult task when there are so many software choices out there. You may be wondering how you can tell if you have chosen a legit pay stub generator.

Fake pay stubs generators often have several imperfections in their software that can make it easier for you to spot a fake. Carefully inspect your new software for defects which may include:

  • The decimals do not line up exactly
  • There is no dollar sign
  • The font color is off
  • The font does not match throughout the entire program
  • The calculations are drastically off

What Are the Risks of Having a Fake Pay Stub?

There are many risks associated with providing a fake pay stub to your employees. Pay stubs are considered a reputable source for proof of income. If they are discovered to be fraudulent, you can find your company in a lot of trouble. The money you saved in purchasing a low-cost fake pay stub generator, will be lost paying for your legal fees.

Furthermore, if you are caught using a fake pay stub, you could also face jail time or stiff fines depending on your location and various state laws in your area. This problem can be solved by ensuring you use a reputable pay stub generator in the first place.

Final Thoughts

Using pay stub generators can be a beneficial tool for your company that will save you time and money and offers several benefits for a more productive payroll department within your establishment. However, it is equally crucial to ensure that you use a reputable brand of pay stub generator that supplies your business with legit software programs.

A pay stub generator that implements fake check stubs will only cause your company more issues in the long run than the benefits it may seem to provide. Make sure to do your research before purchasing your pay stub generator. Read customer reviews, product ratings and check that the product has had many sales or active members.

By following these steps, you can help to ensure that your pay stub generator purchase is reputable and not fake.