Bnext relies on its investor Algorand to promote blockchain products

Bnext, the Spanish fintech created in 2017 to be the alternative to traditional banking, uses the blockchain technology of their investor Algorand, one of the few decentralized platforms exclusively focused on the exchange of capital worldwide, to develop financial products as well as reduce execution times and costs.  

To offer global and instant transfers between different local currencies, Bnext bets on the Algorand blockchain. This technology allows you to send money from a Bnext account to any other internationally connected account in just a few seconds and at an unbeatable price (1.5% of the amount). 

Bnext, after exploring the possibilities that blockchain and decentralized finance offer to build better, cheaper, faster, and more accessible products, is immersed in international expansion, mainly in the Latin American market. 

Thus, it is working on expanding its network of collaborators to other strategic markets. In this sense, thanks to the agreements reached both by Bnext itself and by its partner Algorand, these international transfers could soon be available in Colombia, Peru, and the Dominican Republic.