Bnext launches its token on Bit2Me Launchpad

Bnext, the Spanish fintech created in 2017 to be the alternative to traditional banking, will launch its B3X token on the market together with Bit2Me, the largest Spanish platform for technological financial services based on cryptocurrencies, founded in 2014. Its new service Bit2Me Launchpad makes it easier for companies to develop utility tokens and follow in the footsteps of the success achieved with Bit2Me’s ICO launched in August 2021.

It is a limited release, which will have two public phases. The first of them will take place on March 1, exclusively, through the Bit2Me platform. A few days before the opening, the user will be able to join the Whitelist by making a minimum investment of 1,000 euros to acquire the token at a more competitive starting price. 504 million tokens will be issued and once this figure is reached, the possibility of purchase will be closed until the next public phase.

As for the acquisition format of the B3X token, it will be through an ICO that can be accessed with a preferential purchase price (€0.015 in the first phase and the price will rise in future phases).

This operation comes after the completion of the private phase, which, in less than two weeks, had an oversubscription of 200% and, among its buyers, were some of the most renowned international funds in the world of blockchain and crypto-assets. In this phase, more than 5 million euros were raised.

“With the launch of the B3X token, we intend to break the monopoly of traditional finance, generating valuable and suitable products for our clients. To do this, we have the perfect partner, Bit2me, capable of developing simple and easy-to-use tokens, using the most secure technology on the market”, said Guillermo Vicandi, co-founder of Bnext.