Fundraising Tips: How to Reach Your Campaign Goal and Exceed Expectations

So, you’ve decided to set up a fundraiser, great work! But now comes the real challenge. How will you reach that all-important campaign goal? Is there anything you can do to help exceed expectations? The answer to that question is yes! 

There are a few steps that all campaign creators can follow to help make their fundraisers a success whilst raising as much money as possible. Let’s dive in. 

Be Creative

There are thousands of fundraisers held each year in America. So, to make yours stand out amongst the rest, ask yourself what will make your campaign unique? It’s important to unleash your inner creativity into the fundraiser. Make it as quirky and fun as you like to really grab the attention of others. For example, if you are holding a local quiz night go all out with the advertising. Create loud and colorful banners to promote the event and offer people a free drink on arrival to encourage them to buy a ticket. Research some fundraising ideas and think of a few ways that you can put your own spin on them. 

Make It Personal 

If you want people to help you meet your campaign goal, then you need to add a personal touch to your campaign. Show people why they should care about your cause to help them understand why it is so important. A great way to achieve this is through sharing a personal story. If there is a reason why this cause is so close to your heart, tell people. It can help them gain a better understanding of why you need their donations but also what their donations will do to help. Once people connect and relate to your campaign, they are more likely to put in a donation to help you reach your end goal. 

Create A Fundraising Video

At first glance, you might think a fundraising video requires a lot of technical equipment and a big budget. In reality, you can film a compelling fundraising video off your own mobile phone. A video is great for amplifying your message and it helps to grab the attention of others. Sometimes, a poster that is too wordy, or a lengthy email, fails to grab people’s attention. Luckily, this is where video can help. Take a look at this blog from Givebutter, they explain how fundraising videos can help your campaigns spread their all-important message. 

Not only is a video a great way to share your story with others, but it also puts a friendly face to your campaign which people will find easier to relate to. It’s time to pick up the camera and give it a go to help bring in those all-important donations. 

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Social media can really help you take your campaign goal to new heights. Statistics show that 70% of the US population have social media accounts and it is time to use this to your campaigns advantage. You should use social media platforms to spread awareness of your cause. They are brilliant platforms for helping you build relationships with others as you can strike up discussions and conversations with people through useful tools like live streams. Social media platforms are the ideal place to spread your campaign message. The great thing about them is you can reach a worldwide audience from the comfort of your own home. One post can reach thousands of people in a matter of minutes. 

Make Donating Easy

In order to help you reach your campaign goal, you want to make the donating process as simple and easy as possible. For instance, if you are holding a community fundraiser make sure to have donation buckets lying around. Anyone can throw in some spare change, and it soon adds up. If you are holding an online fundraiser then try to make the payment process as simple as possible. If someone wants to donate but has to fill out five different pages of information, this can be off-putting. Instead, keep the donating process as simple as possible to make it easier and more straightforward. 

Monitor Your Success

In order to understand whether you have reached your campaign goal or not, you will need to regularly monitor your campaigns success. Don’t hesitate to share any great news with your audience. For instance, if you have smashed half of your campaign goal within the first week, let the people know. Not only does it showcase your gratitude towards those who have donated, but it can encourage people to do the same to help you reach your goal. 

It is recommended that you set weekly and monthly goals to help. A fundraising thermometer is a brilliant way to show people how far you are into reaching your goal. It is a visual representation of how your campaign is going. You can find plenty of fundraising thermometer templates online to get you started.