Strands partners with credolab to make smart money management smarter

Strands (CRIF Group), the global experts in Big Data, AI and Machine Learning that creates highly customisable digital money management software, announces a new partnership with credolab, the most advanced, predictive, and accurate alternative scoring provider in the market today.

Retail banks often struggle to improve engagement and extend long-term value to their customers. A shortage of relevant data leaves them unable to make good recommendations and bring more people to their products.

Strands and credolab provide a one-stop solution for banks looking to grow their top-line by helping people be smarter with their money. By embedding credolab’s solution into Strands’ Personal Finance Management (PFM) software, this partnership enables any bank to make better, more timely and relevant product recommendations. For the first time, banks are able to transform complex data into relevant customer insights with embedded risk assessment in real time. 

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