EQ Bank launches US Dollar Account

EQ Bank, powered by Equitable Bank, Canada’s Challenger Bank™, has added a US Dollar Account to its ever-expanding suite of smarter digital banking products for Canadians who are looking to make their money work harder for them. 

Through the bank’s integration with Wise, EQ Bank has made it simple to now send US dollars internationally, at up to 8x cheaper than other banks.

The new account also offers a rewarding 1% interest rate on US dollars and, like other EQ Bank accounts, avoids the nonsense of annoying monthly fees or high markups. With Canadians growing wary of low rates on US dollars, EQ Bank’s rate makes a real difference in the customer’s pocket. 

“Our EQ Bank US Dollar Account solves several problems for Canadians: from combating notoriously low interest rates to figuring out a better way to send money to loved ones or move it between accounts,” said Mahima Poddar, Group Head of Personal Banking at EQ Bank. “We wanted customers to have a US account option that was both rewarding and headache-free, and now we’ve successfully done that with another no-nonsense EQ Bank product. We’re listening to our customers and working hard to bring them the highest value banking possible. We’re proud of that.”