Tandem Bank Unveils “Green” Instant Access Savings Account

UK digital banking group Tandem Bank announced it launched its new Green Instant Access Saver, knowing how most UK customers would opt for green options when it comes to their money. The company reported that in a recent survey carried out by the bank, almost two-thirds of consumers said they would switch banks if they were more environmentally friendly, but over half admitted they simply don’t know where to start or go.

“Tandem’s newly launched website and app reflect its commitment to providing a full package of green options – in minutes, new customers can now download the app and the environmentally conscious amongst us can effortlessly start putting our money to good use. Along with other upcoming green products and services including its soon to be launched Green Mortgage, Tandem is leading the charge to help both people and planet and deliver on its ‘Good Green Bank’ mission.”

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