Nutmeg to launch iOS Widgets for investment performance

Nutmeg has just released widgets in our iOS app, and we believe this makes us the first wealth manager in the UK to do so.

Why Nutmeg iOS widgets?  

·       Clients have control over how they organise their home screen, helping them to keep a close eye on returns 

·       There are two types of widgets available: Choose the investment performance widget to see your time-weighted return. Choose the blog widget to read the latest blogs from the experts at Nutmeg 

·       At a time when financial wellbeing is centre stage and people want a clear picture of their full financial circumstances, Nutmeg widgets are the fastest way to stay on top of your finances. 

Tom Barcys, product manager, Nutmeg, said: “The widgets will fit into what people are already doing on the Nutmeg app, without them having to go look for it. It makes a lot of sense, especially for tracking investments and managing finances. Whereas before they might have been checking their pots now and then, as it wasn’t convenient, now they have the power to choose what is in front of them and to be in control of their financial future. With widgets, people have the choice to organise their phones in a new way that suits their needs. Now they can enjoy the same exact Nutmeg app but from the comfort of their home screen. There are many ways in which Nutmeg is empowering nations of investors, but having a clear view of their investments at a glance is high among them.”  

The Nutmeg app that contains the widgets is available on the Apple App Store. You can find out how to set up the Nutmeg iOS widgets here.