Accendo Banco partners with Nium to bolster international payment services

Mexico’s leading ‘digital-first’ challenger bank Accendo Banco, focused on providing innovative digital banking solutions has announced expanding its capacity in international payment services through an alliance with Nium, a FinTech platform that offers a global services infrastructure.

International transaction services from Mexico were slow and expensive. Through the partnership, Accendo Banco will further increase its ability to make international money transfers, which will allow its clients to send to more markets abroad and in real-time and supports its clients in their remittance services. Nium, which has already announced alliances in Brazil, Costa Rica and El Salvador, is looking to the collaboration to supports its ongoing plans to use FinTech tools to improve business efficiency and customer experience in Latin America.

The alliance with Nium, together with Accendo Banco’s unique digital platform, leads it to a position to offer international money transfers to users easily and in real-time. Clients can leverage the app to send money abroad to major brokers in Europe and Asia at a lower exchange rate than other banks.

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