Curve takes leaf from Apple’s book with number-less cards

via AltFi

Curve is rolling out the next generation of its payment card, with its crowdfunding backers being the first to get their hands on the new card design.

Similar to Apple Card in the US, Curve has removed all the numbers from the front and back of its new card design, hiding them all within the Curve app instead.

The fintech is presenting the move as “giving you a new layer of security” as the numbers on your bank card are still a risk should they fall into the wrong hands.

Apple’s credit card was the first mainstream credit card to adopt a number-less design when it was announced in March 2019. 

The tech giant claimed the design meant “one less thing to worry about when you hand over your card at a restaurant or store”.

Along with the removal of the numbers, Curve’s new card design is entirely metal and is produced in the US.

For now the numberless metal card design is exclusive to Curve’s Metal Investor Card, a perk for investing more than £1,000 in the startup’s last crowdfunding campaign.