Jumio offers free AI based identity verification service to fight COVID-19

via IBS Intelligence

Palo Alto-based mobile payments and ID verification provider Jumio has announced the launch of Jumio Go for Good, which provides a free identity verification service through its fully automated AI-powered solution Jumio Go. The service is available for any qualifying organisation directly involved in helping with COVID-19 relief including (but not limited to) health care, online learning, and the general population.

For the healthcare sector, the company emphasised the need to provide virtual consultations. The company, through its healthcare solution, is helping in identifying and verifying patients for compliance regulations, prevent medical identity theft and meet other know your patient requirements.

For school learning, Jumio helps ensure that only enrolled students are participating in the online curriculum and help proctor exams by authenticating students prior to any online exam.

For the general population, Jumio can help organisations (including NGOs and food delivery services) to reliably verify the identities of volunteers and drivers so they can be onboarded easily.

Jumio’s proprietary solution Jumio Go helps in removing the friction from the user onboarding process while fighting online identity fraud and meeting AML and KYC compliance mandates. The solution leverages informed AI to block frauds from creating online accounts. To counteract against deepfakes, bots and sophisticated spoofing attacks, Jumio has integrated certified liveness detection to detect when photos, videos or realistic 3D masks are used instead of actual selfies to create online accounts.

The company states that its Go for good service is available at no additional cost to all qualifying organisations until July 1, 2020 (or until the pandemic subsides, if sooner).

Founded in 2010, Jumio provides end-to-end ID and identity verification and authentication solutions to fight fraud, maintain compliance and onboard authentic customers faster. The company’s services are being used by various clients to verify online users and prevent fraud across the globe.