Judo Bank Adds InfraRisk Tech To Bolster SMB Lending


Australia challenger bank Judo Bank has announced a collaboration with credit management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider InfraRisk to bolster its small business lending operations.

press release issued on Sunday (Jan. 5) said InfraRisk will integrate its cloud-based Credit Value Maximiser (CVX) technology into Judo’s infrastructure. The credit management platform enables management borrower profiles, loan pricing and other processes in the small business lending process, with a focus on API integration and data analytics to enhance risk analytics and to boost efficiency and compliance, the companies noted.

InfraRisk is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China-based FinTech solutions provider PINTEC, which acquiredInfraRisk last March.

“The cooperation is a good fit between us,” said Victor Li, head of Pintec International Business, in a statement. “InfraRisk is a leading FinTech innovator and Judo Bank is a challenger to traditional banks. Together, we will apply cutting-edge technologies to provide superior lending services for SMEs.”

“InfraRisk has over 10 years of experience in providing services for financial institutions in Australia,” said InfraRisk CEO and Founder Nicholas Davies in another statement. “With our advanced and mature cloud-based solution, we can help Judo Bank service SMEs efficiently to meet their increasing credit needs.”

Judo Bank positions itself as Australia’s first challenger bank focused on small business lending and financial services. The company has secured a full banking license in 2018, enabling it to accept deposits. The company launched last May after collaborating with Temenos. Judo Bank Co-founder and CEO Alex Twigg said that Temenos’ technology enabled the bank “to cut through traditional bureaucracies and the sales-driven and property-secured status quo to transform SME banking in Australia through a focus on close customer relationships.”

In 2018, Judo Bank raised AUD$140 million, the second-largest pre-revenue funding round for an Australian startup at the time.