Graeme Holm’s Infinity Group Australia Helps People Reduce Debt And Create Wealth

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Financial institutions know how to make money especially when it comes to lending money to buy big-ticket items. Most institutions don’t lend money unless they feel they will get the money back with enough interest to keep their company moving in the right direction. The mortgage market in Australia doesn’t do much to help people get the advice, services, and financial guidance they need to make competent decisions when they buy a home. Once a mortgage deal is in motion, it’s up to the homeowner to make payments on time regardless of the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Most people buy a house, but don’t realize how demanding a 30-year mortgage, can be. Work and health issues might disrupt monthly mortgage payments, and when there is a disruption, people don’t have the support they need from lenders to get back on track. Most lenders want people to pay even when circumstances hinder them from fulfilling their mortgage obligation. Those people may lose their homes because there wasn’t a financial support system in place during the tough financial times. Over the course of a 30-year mortgage, people experience all sorts of challenges, according to Graeme Holm, the founder of the Infinity Group Australia.

The Infinity Group Australia is a different kind of financial services company. Graeme founded the company in 2013 with his business and life partner Rebecca Walker. Holm’s 17-year career in financial services opened his eyes to the lack of caring and compassion in the financial services industry. Graeme didn’t like pushing financial services that didn’t give borrowers a fair shake. So, he decided to do something about that flaw when started the Infinity Group.

Mr. Holm decided the Infinity Group would be a company that helped people pay off their mortgages faster. Graeme and Walker set up a personal banker system that gives borrowers performance reviews. Graeme’s personal banker program help people design a budget and stay within the budget, so they can pay off their mortgage in seven to ten years. The results of Graeme Holm’s approach to paying off a mortgage early are pretty amazing. One Hundred percent of Infinity clients pay off more of their mortgage in three months than they did in 12 months under a different pay-off plan.

Some of the Infinity Group Australia reviews talk about how they paid off an average of $41,000 in debt using the Infinity Group’s payback program. Other Infinity Group Australia reviews say Graeme and his team at Infinity are like personal trainers who help them develop budget muscles and avoid easy solutions for how to make 500 dollars fast at any point in time, so they get out of debt faster. Paying off a loan is a journey, and Infinity cuts the time of that journey down to size. Completing a loan journey faster than expected isn’t a miracle, according to Holm. All it takes is willpower, sticking to a cash-based budget, and earmarking all available income so it goes to debt reduction.

The key to the Infinity Group’s success is customer service and creating a positive customer experience. Graeme believes in collaboration, so all Infinity employees share ideas, suggestions, and information. Infinity supports the community as well as clients, and that is one reason the company won the 2018 Customer Experience Management Award for the best organization CX in Australia.

Graeme Holm uses the same financial strategies in his personal life. He separates his daily tasks into two categories. The first category is the transactional tasks which members of his team handle. And the second category is the transformational tasks that can change the course of his business. Holm likes to handle the transformational tasks by creating a transformational list of five actions he believes will impact his business. Nothing stops him from implementing those actions especially when they help people get out of debt.