ABN Amro deploys financial coaches to turn silver surfers onto mobile banking

The silver surfers are on the rise, with 90% of ABN Amro’s customers over the age of 65 using internet banking, although just a quarter access their accounts via mobile phones.

Last year, a higher percentage of over 65 customers used internet banking than of all private and retail clients.

Mobile banking is much less popular among the older population, with only 26% of retail clients using this service in 2017 – way below the overall uptake, which stood at 66%.

And digital channels seem to be popular with older customers, who rate mobile and online services as highly as other customers do.

The bank is now deploying financial coaches to offer extra support and assistance to older clients migrating to digital.

Nery Anderson, director, daily banking business, ABN Amro, says: “Our financial coaches also help customers for whom a switch to online banking is too big a step-change to familiarise themselves with Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

“Our aim is to keep older people financially savvy and so keep control of their money and banking business.”