Sberbank offers electronic storage of financial documents to business clients

By Sberbank,

Sberbank has launched a new service called ‘Electronic Archive’. It is a cloud-based SaaS solution for long-term storage of electronic documents and suits all companies, from major corporations to small enterprises, thanks to its convenient interface and accessible price.

Electronic Archive allows electronic documents as well as files containing scanned documents to be systemised and stored. The service also has an automatic report creation function for tax checks.

You can connect to the service via the new version of Sberbank Business Online. Following the addition of Electronic Archive, clients who use the corporate internet bank can now access a complete range of services for switching to paper-free document exchange. Sberbank Business Online already offered services for e-document creation (Document Builder) and exchanging legally important documents (E-invoicing).

“As a rule, documents are stored in special archives, but may be needed during tax checks carried out by regulatory bodies. Accountants spend a lot of time looking for documents and maintaining records on them. According to our calculations, in a single year this work takes up an average of two hours a day and around 40 working days in total,” commented Yevgeny Kolbin, Head of Sberbank’s Digital Corporate Bank Division. “Electronic Archive lets you and your accounting team say goodbye to this tedious routine work.”

The service allows a single database of financial documents to be created, stored and deleted (with a record of deletion) at the end of the storage period. The extensive filter system and convenient grouping by folder increase the speed at which documents are located by more than five times. Electronic Archive is integrated with other Sberbank Business Online products, in particular, E- invoicing: a signed document can be immediately moved to a folder where it will be possible to locate in a matter of seconds.

A key feature of the system is the ability to export documents at the request of the Federal Tax Service. The archive automatically forms the necessary set of documents in electronic format with an accompanying page of contents. This feature helps minimise the number of errors that occur during creation of reports, and as a result, the chances of being fined.

Another advantage of the system is that it offers access management control. Flexible settings guarantee the confidentiality of all documents and the integrity of archives. The system lets users track the actions of each employee performed within their level of access. For example, although documents can be deleted in a split second in a way that adheres to the law, all user actions are recorded in the action log.

The service is available to all corporate clients of Sberbank who use Sberbank Business Online. It was developed by KORUS Consulting CIS, which is part of Sberbank Group.