DBS launches digital financial advice tool


Singapore’s DBS has added a “holistic digital financial advisor” to its app, giving customers a deeper insight into their spending and saving.

Called ‘Your Financial GPS’, the feature analyses customers’ bank account activity, categorising income and expenses and showing how they track against long term financial goals.

The tool then goes a step further by undertaking active analysis of customers’ current financial positions to offer tailored advice and actionable insights, so they can better manage their money and have a plan for savings and investments.

For example, if a customer sets up a home goal, Your Financial GPS will first propose an ideal savings amount he or she can consider and at the same time, offer advice on the small steps that can be taken to make saving for the property easier.

DBS developed the feature after carrying out face-to-face customer interviews and prototyping sessions as well as trawling through troves of user data and behavioural activity. Following a pilot with 300,000 younger people, the service is now coming to DBS’ 2.5 million customers.

Brandon Lam, Singapore head, financial planning group, DBS, says: “Financial planning can be confusing for some, as it covers a broad spectrum of interconnected topics. Helping our customers fulfil their financial-life goals and understand how to better manage their finances is of great importance to us as Singapore’s largest bank.”