Top 3 Best Long-Term Stocks You Must Invest in 2019

Looking for some stocks to invest in? Here are the top 3 best long-terms stocks you must invest in 2019.

When it comes to investing in stock, you should look to diversify your portfolio by having both short and long term stocks. Look for businesses that show long term strength such as Alibab, which recently hit a market value of $500 billion

These are the companies that are prime for investing in this year with the intention of long term investment. 

Here are three of the best long-term stocks you should invest in during 2019. 

  1. FedEx

With online retailers dominating, it should be no surprise that FedEx is set to grow exponentially in the future. Don’t let the current tariff wars concern you about the potential growth of FedEx. 

Consumers have made their shopping habits clear: e-commerce is here to stay. Because of this both FedEx and UPS will benefit. 

You may hear blowback about Amazon working on their own shipping solution. However, the impact won’t be as big as rumored. 

  1. Wayfair

Speaking of the e-commerce sector growing, Wayfair is at the forefront of that growth. Sure we all know Amazon dominates, but they aren’t the only option in the game. 

Wayfair focuses on selling home furniture and other decorative goods. Holiday shopping has shown to be a strong suit for the company. 

But Wayfair posted 28% sales growth over the past three years. Investors have taken note of this and, as a result, the stock price has risen. 

Historical data shows a 336% growth since the initial public offering. One thing to pay attention to, though, is that their net income is negative. 

If shareholders continue to see growth, this slight detractor won’t matter. Amazon had the same problem up until a few years ago. 

If you stick it out, Wayfair has the opportunity to become a smaller version of Amazon. Judging by Amazon’s performance, that’s a tidy long term investment for your portfolio. 

  1. Alibaba

Don’t be fooled by the Alibaba stock having a recent drop in value. The company’s stock is set to reach $260 over the next year. Buy now and that’s a profit of about 54% for your alibaba stock

If you aren’t familiar with Alibaba, it began as a B2B online based portal for exporting goods out of China. But it grew and by 2001 there were one million registered users on the site. 

Then in 2005, the company partnered with Yahoo. It wasn’t until 11 years later that Alibaba went public. 

Looking to the future, Alibaba is set to grow exponentially thanks to the site’s prescription filling sector. 

Invest in the Best Long-Term Stocks

You don’t need to invest all of your money in long term stocks, in fact, you shouldn’t. Invest in these stocks as a part of your overall investing strategy. 

These are the best long-term stocks to help foster growth over the years to come. If you want to pick your own long term investment, look for a company showing strong historical growth and good opportunities for the future. 

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