OurCrowd Predicts Tech Trends for 2018

OurCrowd, one of the largest investment crowdfunding platforms in the world, held their annual summit at the International  Convention Center in Jerusalem this past week. Beyond the presentations by the many cool tech startups that make up their portfolio companies,  OurCrowd took a moment to share their insight into tech trends for the coming year.

Israel, known at the “Innovation Nation,” is a hotspot for tech startups. Practically everyone in the country is either involved with a startup or a venture capitalist backing promising young firms. And that is the truth.  Last year, OurCrowd predicted the cryptocurrencies / Blockchain will be a big deal during 2017. They nailed that one.

So what does OurCrowd foresee for this coming year? On their list of the top ten tech trends for 2018 include:

  1. Construction goes digital: Digitization can reduce costs by 45% while minimizing delays
  2. Quantum computing will challenge CyberSecurity: computing performance is making incredible leaps
  3. Smart Mobility: IoT with information available everywhere – especially your smart car
  4. Artificial Intelligence attacks white collar jobs: It is not just blue collar jobs that are being revolutionized. AI is looking at you… think attorneys .. think accountants and oh so much more.
  5. Blockchain for Currency: This one may seem more obvious but OurCrowd says the “Crypto Dollar” is around the corner
  6. Vegan Meat: For dedicated omnivores this one may be tough to swallow but food engineering will allow the Vegans among us to “chow down on meat.”
  7. General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR: Privacy is important. And violating individual privacy will become expensive (especially in the EU)
  8. Prescriptions Drugs: Personalized medicine will soon become the rule, not the exception
  9. Baby Boomers are Digitally empowered: It is not just about the Millennials and GenXers. BabyBoomers will help drive new technology.
  10. Offline becomes Cool: Sure Amazon is disrupting everything but offline commerce will get smart. The digital mobile experience will penetrate the offline shopping experience.

See the OurCrowd Tech Trend slides embedded below.