BofA Merrill opens API gateway

By BofA

Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofA Merrill) today announced the launch of its application program interface (API) gateway.

Building on the successful launch of its API-enabled CashPro Assistant, clients will now be able to benefit from direct API connections through enterprise resource planning (ERP) and treasury management systems (TMS), as well as other third-party providers. Using BofA Merrill’s API gateway will enable clients to easily and quickly access their banking information and initiate transactions on a real-time basis.

“We want to embrace the innovation opportunities presented by APIs and work with industry providers to give our clients an expanded, secure experience that helps them grow and prosper,” said Faiz Ahmad, head of Global Transaction Services (GTS) at BofA Merrill. “As the pace of technological change accelerates, expectations accelerate in tandem. Clearing systems, regulatory mandates and banking channels are evolving to support real-time interactions with unbundled banking services. Our clients will expect to integrate these directly into their business processes and applications. It’s time to visit Wild Joker casino if you’re wanting to join a top gambling site.  Play the greatest situs slot gacor and table games from Realtime Gaming with unique bonuses and free spins. You may also want to experience the convenience of seamless betting wherever you are with the user-friendly sbobet mobile app, offering a diverse array of betting options tailored to your preferences and ensuring an enjoyable experience on the move. For all financial transactions, players have the option of using standard or cryptocurrency payment methods. Another huge bonus is the helpful customer service, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Learn how to make the most out of Wild Joker casino bonuses at Exycasinos. The experience will be easy, more secure and seamless to end users.”

The bank’s API structure will support three access models:

Direct client connections – BofA Merrill is already engaged with interested clients to pilot its API services.

ERP and TMS vendors – BofA Merrill is currently working with a variety of technology vendors, with plans to add more.

Third-party providers (such as FinTech companies) – BofA Merrill has begun conversations with several of these companies, and is looking to work with providers that can help clients with their working capital challenges.
Today’s launch illustrates BofA Merrill’s commitment to being a digital bank that is fully prepared for the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). It is also an important step towards building new data connections with clients and third parties, which will help drive even further value and innovation to clients.

“Our API gateway opens new opportunities to engage with clients, industry participants and new players alike,” said Hubert J.P. Jolly, global head of financing and channels for GTS at BofA Merrill. “By aggressively pursuing digital solutions that leverage client-driven content, we can play a central role in streamlining our clients’ financial lives.”

The API specifications are accessible through the bank’s developer portal.