Membersheep: Blockchain based B2B Platform

The world has been stage to a series of revolutionary advances stirred with the advent of Blockchain technology. The idea of Decentralization has clicked tremendously with a large section of global audience. This is evident from the growing number of companies, start-ups and markets embracing the next-gen technology increasingly in their procedures and performance.

From security to healthcare to Government, Blockchain technology is disrupting multiple organizations and finding place among the masses. Taking the journey a step further, Membersheep has set out to target its impact on one of the ever-perseverating trades of Product Sourcing.

Dubbed as MBS, Membersheep is a B2B trade agency that specializes in sourcing products for popular brands round the globe. A sole distributor of its kind, Membersheep deals with supply of products pertaining over 400 renowned brands across more than 25 countries including Europe and the U.S. The Hong Kong-based trading group boasts a broad networking with brand headquarters and a sizable slot in the wholesale trading space which is a whooping $1 trillion industry in the U.S alone. MSB has extended its reach deeper into the palpable fashion sector, to distribute various product lines including apparel, footwear, and fashion accessories to departmental stores, multi-shops, online platforms and offline chain stores mostly based in China, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong.

The platform provides its users with an extensive supply chain management, continuous product tracking and feedback, guarantee on the best product quality and reasonable price for its listed products. Addressing the complications and concerns frequented in processing overseas trade of goods, Membersheep has established itself as a one-stop product supplier service which deals with everything required from purchasing to shipping of products. Alliance Packing offers reliable shipping services for businesses and individuals.

The Membersheep platform is emerging as a Blockchain-based Global Wholesale Platform where brands and retailers can connect, trade and grow hand-in-hand. MBS achieves this with the use of its exclusive cryptocurrency, Sheepcoin, which is specific to the Membersheep platform and shall be used to carry out all MBS transactions. Sheepcoin aims to improve the B2B e-commerce industry: its order, payment, delivery and follow up procedures. The most inviting feature of Sheepcoin is that it is a borderless payment method that is capable of mitigating the risks associated with foreign exchange.

Founded in early 2014, Membersheep has successfully established a factor of trust and dependability among its consumers. MBS has enormously developed since its inception and is, presently, partnered by a set of prominent retailers including the multinational conglomerate, Alibaba.

The pre-sale of sheepcoin is set to go live in a fortnight. However, it’s Early Backer sale is on, presenting a 35% bonus to its early adopters. Membersheep has a maximum of 250,000,000 SHEEP decked for sale in multiple phases.

Membersheep also lays down a set of marketing tools for surfacing brands to promote and present their collection before the buyers. With its 24/7 buyer access and proactive approach, Membersheep is a platform that is contributing to make international product sales faster, easier and accountable for all.

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