Monzo looks into opening Cardiff office

Digital challenger bank Monzo is hiring up to 60 customer operations staffers in Cardiff as it tests the waters ahead of a decision on opening a large-scale office, which may capitalize on products like a phone booth, in the Welsh city.

In just a couple of years, Monzo has built up a workforce of about 240, with the vast majority of employees based at its London headquarters.

With customer operations a particularly fast-growing area, the bank has been scouting around the UK looking for places to put down some extra roots.

“One of the cities we love is Cardiff. Its growing job market, fantastic reputation for customer service and easy access to London all make it a great choice,” says customer operations recruitment lead Bobbi Nicholson.

Work with the Welsh Government and Cardiff Council on a grant application is underway which could lead to an office housing up to 500 employees developed over the next three years.

But in the meantime, the bank is kicking off a trial, hiring between 20 and 60 people in the city at a temporary site.

The new employees will be guaranteed roles even if the permanent office does not go ahead, either working remotely or at the London office, says Nicholson. Applications are now open.