InvestCloud adds financial apps to digital platform

By InvestCloud

InvestCloud Inc., a global FinTech firm, has released two new lines of financial apps to run on its digital platform.

InvestCloud Gray digitizes client interactions, providing a modern and flexible platform that is affordable for any wealth manager. InvestCloud Neon enables wealth managers and financial institutions to automate trading, accounting and middle-office workflows, creating a new era in portfolio management that is secure, accurate and completely frictionless.

InvestCloud Gray builds on the global FinTech firm’s philosophy of delivering hybrid wealth management – a truly personalized and digital-first client experience underpinned by human expertise. It enables wealth managers to leverage InvestCloud’s experience with some of the world’s largest banks to deliver digital client portals, automated and interactive client reporting and client management capabilities far more cost effectively. In turn, clients are granted access to an online portal featuring all relevant account information, updated in real-time. The platform also provides mobility apps, allowing clients and advisors to access information, and communicate at any time, from any place and through any device.

InvestCloud Neon supports the real-time processing of equities, bonds and funds via a completely modular set of front-, middle- and back-office apps, allowing businesses to rapidly increase automation and reduce costs. By digitizing these functions, Neon relieves the workload on investment operations, allowing managers and advisors to focus on serving client needs. It is also multi-lingual and multi-currency, allowing it to be applied across different geographies.

John Wise, Co-Founder and CEO at InvestCloud, said: “For all financial advice sectors across the world, digital isn’t just a nice to have – it’s an imperative. The next generation of investors are already used to running their lives through apps. With $30 trillion at stake in the US alone as wealth transfers to the next generation, the sector needs to adopt digital now to reap the rewards later. By going hybrid – combining both digital and human – they can deliver an incredibly personalized service, helping to improve loyalty and increase wallet share.”

Wise added: “Unlike other systems offered by incumbent financial technology firms, Neon delivers on the promise to take away the burden of operational activities. In an era where the entire investment management value chain is under pressure from regulators and competition, the importance of focusing on results and fulfilling client needs cannot be underestimated. Neon allows managers and advisors to concentrate on serving and growing the client base.”

Both solutions are underpinned by the InvestCloud Digital Warehouse. The Digital Warehouse aggregates data from multiple systems and custodians, external news and social media sources, alongside market and portfolio data. This provides managers with a single version of the integrated truth when it comes to their data.

For Neon users in particular, the Digital Warehouse aggregates information from more than 1,000 interfaces and over 2,000 application programming interfaces (APIs). It also makes accounting “conversions” a thing of the past.

Yaela Shamberg, Chief Product Officer at InvestCloud, said: “Neon is the next generation of investment automation. It enables real-time processing of equities, bonds and funds via a hyper-modular set of front-, middle- and back-office apps, creating a new era for portfolio management. InvestCloud Gray meanwhile is democratizing digital. It provides an affordable way for wealth managers of all sizes to build a first-class digital experience, which can be completely customized to client and advisor needs.”

All InvestCloud solutions are built using its patented Programs Writing Programs (PWP) software. PWP means that digital solutions can be delivered in a matter of weeks and months instead of years, and can be flexibly updated as needs evolve. Through PWP, one business analyst or designer can do the work of 50 programmers.

As with all InvestCloud products, wealth managers will be able to incorporate further capabilities into the Gray and Neon solutions through apps purchased in the InvestCloud App Store.