Standard Chartered to roll out AI chatbot

Standard Chartered is to launch an AI-powered chatbot to provide clients with natural language assistance in managing money, making payments and analysing their spending.

The bank is to roll out the chatbot across its call centres and mobile and online channels in a phased deployment beginning next year in Hong Kong.

The new virtual assistant will use technology provided by Kasisto’s KAI Banking product to engage clients in ‘human like’ conversations and is currently undergoing training to deliver answers to questions on the bank’s suite of products and services.

Kasisto has already found success in deploying its chatbot at some of the largest banks in the world, including DBS Bank, Mastercard, TD Bank, and Wells Fargo.

Zor Gorelov, Kasisto co-foundr and CEO, says: “KAI is already a banking expert and once it’s trained on Standard Chartered products and services, it will serve as a powerful AI brain ready to meet their clients in the channel they prefer. It has the know-how to fulfil client requests, make recommendations and solve problems – while delivering banking with a human touch. When there is a need to talk to a human, the bot can seamlessly hand off to a Standard Chartered banking professional.”