International RegTech Association Launches, Lists Executive Board Members

The non-profit International RegTech Association (IRTA), incorporated in Switzerland in May, has launched to provide a united community of individuals and organizations, with a shared vision to innovate, advance, and influence the future of Regulatory Technology (Regtech).  Regtech is a vital aspect of financial services. On one side, regulators may more easily access the information necessary to accomplish their goals. Correspondingly, platforms may significantly streamline the compliance with mandated rules.

The IRTA is described as existing to ease and accelerate the evolution of the global Regtech ecosystem, through integration, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

The IRTA states its mission as fostering a collaborative, consultative, and innovative working environment.

The IRTA’s objectives include:

  • Operate in key markets and economies, internationally
  • Support the entire Regtech ecosystem
  • Represent the interests of Regtech providers and consumers globally – including
    technology firms, service providers, professional advisers, and financial institutions
  • Engage and liaises with the most influential financial regulators and academics
  • Promote the advancement of the Regtech profession, through Regtech research,
    innovation initiatives, and standards development
  • Support Regtech accelerators, and delivers professional education, and certification
  • Work in collaboration with existing industry Associations, Agencies and other
    international organizations

According to Subas Roy, newly appointed Global Chair at the IRTA;

“The IRTA believes in the globally integrated, hybrid ecosystem, and supports the premise that the whole is very much greater than the sum of the parts. The IRTA community is a combination of talented, agile and experienced minds, striving for innovation, and to establish Regtech as a profession for the years to come. We stand in one of the most exciting times, as the innovation and international collaboration for Regtech continue to expand. For the first time in over 40 years, innovation in Regtech is taking precedence over innovation in new Financial Services markets and products. This reflects the fundamental, enabling role of Regtech, and how it is already helping to shape and determine the future of Financial Services, including its competitive advantage.”

The IRTA inaugural Executive Board is as follows:

  • Chair – Subas Roy, Former Global Head of Regtech, EY
  • Bruno Abrioux, Former Japan Chief Administration Officer, FIS
  • Henri Arslanian, Fintech and Regtech Leader, China & Hong Kong, PwC
  • Janos Barberis, Founder, SuperCharger & PhD Candidate HKU Law
  • Jo Ann Barefoot, CEO, Barefoot Innovation Group & Senior Fellow, Harvard University
  • Patrick Barnert, CEO, Qumram
  • Steven Burman, Executive Board Member
  • John Byrne, CEO, Corlytics
  • Nicola Cowburn, CMO, Qumram
  • Matt Elton, CEO, FinnoLux & Regtech Canada
  • Julian Fenwick, Founder & Managing Director, GRC Solutions
  • Brad Giemza, CTO MUFG Americas, Union Bank & Co-founder, NeoRM
  • Michael Jünemann, Partner & Head of Banking & Finance Germany, Bird & Bird LLP
  • Michael Meyer, Co-founder & CEO, Regtech Lab
  • Scott Nelson, CEO, BIGcontrols
  • Diana Paredes, Co-founder & CEO, Suade Labs
  • Ben Richmond, Founder & CEO, CUBE