PayPal partners with Android Pay for mobile payments

In news from the Google I/O the tech giant announced that they will partner Android Pay and PayPal for a mobile payments platform, the companies announced this morning.

PayPal partners with Android Pay

PayPal partners with Android Pay for mobile payments

The partnership will see PayPal becoming available as a payment method in the Android Pay service, which will allow US users to pay for things like Uber as well as at retailers like Walgreens, and restaurants like Dunkin’ Donuts and Subway.

The integration in Android Pay will begin by allowing Android users to select their PayPal balance as a method of payment, but will expand to include the cards users have added to their PayPal account in the months ahead.

At launch, the partner integration is with Discover, so PayPal in the Android Pay wallet will work anywhere Android Pay and Discover are accepted.

The deal follows other moves on PayPal’s part to form partnerships with the major card networks, which also had similar goals of expanding PayPal’s footprint by joining forces with the incumbents, instead of doing battle with them.

“PayPal and Google have been forging a strong partnership since PayPal was added as a payment method within Google Play nearly three years ago and we’re excited for this next phase of our relationship,” said Bill Ready, EVP, Chief Operating Officer, PayPal. “With our combined reach and leadership in technology and mobile commerce, we can bring more choice and optionality to our joint customers.”