Matchpool Crowdfund Raises 90% Of Goal on the First Day

By William Suberg for

The Ethereum matchmaking platform Matchpool has raised over 90 percent of its crowdfunding target in 24 hours.

The project, which uses Ethereum technology to allow anyone to create and run matchmaking resources, had accrued 115,000 ETH from 1,800 participants as of press time Monday.

The figure represents approximately 92 percent of the project’s total goal, with the crowdfunding period due to end April 5th.

Crowdfunding Campaign

“We are very excited to have had this amount of support from the community. I personally promise we will deliver a working product that utilizes the Blockchain to its full potential,” CEO Yonatan Ben Shimon told Cointelegraph in emailed comments.

Despite the unofficial launch, Matchpool has gathered significant pace in its development in recent months.

March saw partnerships with cryptocurrency startups uPort and Bitproperty, while Valentine’s Day was marked with a physical meetup event for interested parties in Paris.

“Our innovation is mainly social and not necessary technological – we are using the Ethereum Blockchain for the trust sensitive areas and it functions perfectly for those purposes,” Shimon told Cointelegraph in an interview prior to the event.

“Our real innovation is to take the social phenomenon of human bonds and trust and to enable it to scale through technology and internal rewards system.”