How Loftey Is Saving NYC Apartment Renters Money Compared To Other Apps

Renting an apartment can end up causing a lot of headaches; this is especially true if you’re looking for NYC apartments for rent or even just Chelsea apartments. Over the past few years, though, more and more websites and apps have been released that claim to help apartment hunters. However, many of these websites take a percentage of the rent or upfront fees when an apartment is rented; because of that, they’re often incentivized to keep the rent as high as possible.

This is even truer if they’re also acting as a broker between you and the landlord too. Even those that don’t normally don’t work on behalf of renters to keep rents as low as possible; on these sites, the prices are listed as-is by the landlords or estate agents and left at that. However, one of the newest entries to the market is Loftey, which is setting itself up to be one of the most proactive apartment rental websites on the market. Instead of simply working as an advertising platform for landlords, it also works for people looking to rent an apartment at an affordable price.

The company has developed relationships with a variety of rental buildings and estate agencies to help bring down the price of the apartments listed on the website. The company is also billing itself based on how it makes money; instead of an upfront fee from either you or a landlord, Loftey is paid a referral fee for bringing the landlord and renter together. Having said that, it isn’t reflected in the price listed on the site, and there are no hidden charges associated with renting the apartment. With that in mind, transparency is vital to how the company runs and operates; after all, renting an apartment is a major life decision so you need to do it with a company that you can trust.

Being open and honest with all of its users is Loftey’s way of ensuring that you can trust them when you’re finding Chelsea apartments for rent. The apartment rental app also works to reduce the overall fees that you’ll have to pay for the apartment; while Loftey itself doesn’t charge you any fees, the likes of deposits are beyond their control. However, the company will work with the landlord to reduce any upfront fees that you may be charged; they’ll even go one step further and let you pay the fees in installments. After all, it can be quite difficult to save up for a deposit, so being able to spread the cost out over a few payments can be extremely beneficial.

It would be crazy to only look at one website, especially when it comes to looking for NYC apartments for rent you’ll need the help of Loftey. However, Loftey has extended its saving to apartments that are listed on other websites; by letting the company know which apartment you’re looking at, and it’s not on Loftey, they’ll work with the landlord to make sure that you get some savings if you were to rent it. Who wouldn’t want to use a website that helps bring down the rent of an apartment?