InsurTech in Asia: 10 things to know

By Philip P. for e27

InsurTech is blossoming, thanks largely to passionate ecosystem builders contributing their networks and expertise to invigorating and future-proofing the insurance industry. I feel extremely fortunate to be at the epicentre of this movement, and deeply inspired to foster InsurTech ventures to achieve increasing quality and scale.

As established insurers are working hard to enhance their core business and rethink their value proposition to customers, new industry entrants approach the opportunity with a fresh vantage point. It is quite magical to witness how both worlds learn and benefit from each other, and increasingly join forces to create the future together.

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To facilitate the pace of innovation underway, it is paramount to understand the customer perception of insurance in Asia – and fortunately, there are some common themes across this diverse and vastly populous region. For this purpose, I put together a list of 10 things to know about insurance in Asia.


First appeared at e27